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This life coaching experience gave me new hope for life. It helped me have a new perspective on how I can create and live my life more fully. I have been wanting to shape and mold my life in certain ways regarding career and relationships for a while, and just haven't had the confidence or encouragement to do it. Life coaching helped build that confidence or encouragement to do it. Life coaching helped build that confidence in myself to where I was able to make those big leaps towards the life I desire. The tools I have received during the coaching are things I can keep with me and apply through the rest of my life's journey, which I think is the most valuable thing. Deena was wonderful! I loved how she really listened to me and tailored our sessions to what I needed. I could tell that she really cares for me and wanted to help me succeed in life by how she encouraged and guided me through my trials. I also love how she would ask what stood out to me after our sessions; this allowed me time to reflect and remember what I learned. 

                                                                                  -Brynn T.

The challenges were really what I needed. I felt like I was really listened to. I really enjoyed it! I would highly recommend Deena to help change your life. If you really open up no matter how hard, accomplish the challenges, and trust your coach, this really will help to change your life for the better!!

-Kandi B. 

In the beginning of this process, I was very skeptical and wasn’t sure what to really expect. Today, I am so thankful I committed. Deena gave me support, accountability and she made things make sense to me. She never made me do anything I wasn’t comfortable with, which made me more comfortable with her. I feel more confident, present, and clear about myself and the future. I’m truly grateful for this experience and everything I have gained from it. Deena always made sure I fully understood each topic. She happily answered any question I threw at her. I liked how I never felt judged.

                                                                                    - Brittany O.

Deena, you are wonderful. You have found your gift and my gift is that I was able to meet you and walk this journey with you. I know you will go far! Love ya!


I set out with different goals (business) yet as we started into the emotional path, I have absolutely reached my goals and went further than I could have imagined.

-DeAnn R.

For anyone struggling with the idea of working with a Coach or a Trauma Coach, Deena Nielsen is a true leader and beam of light to guide us all on the path of Healing. Her knowledge, experience and willingness to share all that she knows is solid ground from which she works from. I knew from the moment I met Deena I could explore my trauma and truth without any feelings of judgement or labelling. She exudes creation of safe space and understanding! I will continue to choose to work with Deena and encourage everyone to do the same!

                                                                                               -D R.

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